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Our Approach
Our unique, fully integrated IT & CAD/BIM solutions are customized to your specific, ever changing, and complex design workflow needs.
IT Solutions
Unlike the break/fix model, our systems are proactively and dynamically planned to enhance speed, reliability, and scalability.
CAD & BIM Solutions
We can develop CAD standards that meet your needs, provide ongoing user support, training, and tool customizations.


We design scalability into your systems for staffing flexibility and anticipated changes in future IT needs.
We create standardized roll-outs to enable staff to access software anywhere for improved workflow.
Our systems are engineered for stability and performance to eliminate recurring down time related costs.
Our systems are highly calibrated for speed to account for specialized needs of design software such as Revit.
We create extensibility to allow for staff shuffling and a more streamlined user experience at the desktop level.
An IT system is only as good as it is future proofed. Our plans are carefully designed to account for change.
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CAD & BIM Solutions
John P. Colton
IT Solutions
Services Summary
Network Internet
IT Solutions

Our IT solutions and services change and adapt dynamically in response to the fast-paced evolution of technology in the AEC, and design industries. Whether you’re a small firm or a larger firm struggling with break/fix IT issues, cost escalation, or just keeping up with technological changes, we can help you evolve and maintain your competitive edge.

H2 Consultant’s support model is predicated on working closely with our clients, to better understand their needs and workflow, to achieve a holistic integrated solution. Our recipe for successful implementation is based on the principles of Reliability, Scalability, Uniformity, and Flexibility.

  • Systems Assessments & Audits
  • On-Site & Remote Support
  • Server Migrations
  • On-Site & Cloud-Based Voice
  • Networking & Internet
  • IT Execution Plans
  • Migrations, Rollouts, and Upgrades
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • User-Level Support
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Cloud Solutions

H2 Consultant’s overall IT strategy incorporates a wide range of cloud-based technologies to best serve our clients’ current and future needs. From network-based cloud solutions to AEC/Design specific cloud workflow, we can leverage our extensive knowledge and experience implementing these technologies. Our holistic IT approach takes into account industry trajectory into the cloud. Whether you’re looking to just collaborate on an IPD project in the cloud or looking to move your entire network into the cloud, we’ve developed effective implementation strategies to help make the process move smoothly.

  • Cloud-First Networks
  • Cloud Migration & Support
  • Software-Based Cloud Collaboration
  • Hybrid Networks
  • Global File Sharing & Synching
  • Project-Based Cloud Collaboration
CAD & BIM Solutions

We offer fully integrated CAD & BIM services that are based on your firm’s size, project types, and staff needs. Our broad and extensive knowledge of architecture and interior design production workflows will provide you with the resources needed to achieve improved efficiency, scalability, and quality.

  • Systems Assessments
  • Software Deployment & Customization
  • Standards Planning & Development
  • Workflow Tool Development
  • Content Development and Maintenance
  • Staff Training
  • User Support
  • Troubleshooting Issues
Notes, Paper, Paper Ball, Memo

No two firms’ needs are the same. Our training is customized and tailored to each firm’s types of project, and staff experience. We work with you to tailor the syllabus to best suit both your needs and way of working. Our instructing method comes from a very experienced tutor with extensive architectural and interior design background.

  • Revit for Architecture
  • Revit for Interior Design
  • Revit-Advanced Production Workflows
  • AutoCAD Basic
  • AutoCAD Advanced Production Workflows
  • CAD & BIM File Hygiene
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