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IT Solutions

We provide an alternative to the one-size-fits-all, “IT in-a-box” tech support company.

Thinking Outside the Break-Fix Box

Firms often overlook the importance of having good infrastructure in place. Many systems are nothing more than an accumulation of quick fixes and stop-gap measures intended to address symptoms rather than resolve root causes. Over time, these systems become increasingly inflexible, unreliable, and un-scalable due to their tenuous stability. Poorly maintained systems can lead to lost productivity, missed deadlines, and low morale.

Building on a Solid Foundation

Choosing the right foundation for your IT infrastructure is critical. Deciding whether to move to the cloud, invest in additional server hardware or storage, or make the switch to subscription based licensing can be daunting choices for any firm. We can help you navigate this ever changing landscape through a clear understanding of your present and future business and industry needs. Having a solid foundation in place can give your firm the flexibility to quickly adapt to the changes and remain competitive.

How We Can Help

At H2 Consultants, we don’t just listen to your needs. We continually and proactively monitor your systems, analyze your business workflow, and propose innovative solutions. If your current systems are broken and unreliable, we can audit them and recommend solutions to fit your budget. We are not tied to any particular vendor and will only propose solutions we think are right for you.

How We Work

We do not believe in inundating our clients with meaningless reports full of incomprehensible technical jargon to create the illusion of value. We also do not restrict our clients to reporting issues through a support portal. Rather, we believe in keeping our clients’ applications and systems current and up-to-date, and strive to provide our clients with a stable and issue free environment. We encourage our clients to learn how to identify and resolve minor issues on their own but remain ready to help when necessary. When issues do arise, we prefer to work directly with the users and administrative staff to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner and everyone’s needs are met.


Starting with an assessment of your current systems, H2 Consultants can help you plan for the future. H2 can help you plan for a future upgrade or help you to get more out of the systems and applications you already have. By analyzing your business processes and workflow, we can suggest changes or alternative strategies to simplify and streamline your current systems. We help firms eliminate or reduce their dependence on costly legacy and outdated systems.

If you feel like your network isn’t up to par, if your employees and staff are constantly complaining about slow or unstable applications and systems, or if you feel like your just not getting the support and direction you need from your current IT support provider, give us a call.

Start by assessing your current applications and systems
Provide your firm with a roadmap to reach your goals
Plan the transition to a more stable and productive environment
In-depth analysis of your business needs
Improve your business processes and production workflow
Reach your goals cost-effectively

At H2, our goal is to provide our clients with stable and reliable systems – and to free your employees and staff from productivity killing issues. We specialize in identifying the root causes of your issues and resolving issues permanently. We believe in curing the disease rather than simply applying band-aids to the symptoms.

We believe in providing your employees and staff with the tools they need to get their jobs done. We design our systems to recover automatically from common issues. We deliver systems that can allow your users to seamlessly move from computer to computer, without losing access to their files and applications, allowing your staff to quickly recover from system failures. Our systems are also designed to allow users to perform tasks such as installing custom fonts without compromising security.

Provide on-site technical support as needed
Provide multiple remote support options for immediate issue resolution
Root Cause
Identify the root causes of issues and prevent them from happening again
The systems we deliver are designed to recover or self-repair from most issues
Advanced training in CAD and BIM
Tier 2/3 Support
We have the skills and experience to deal with more complex issues and to help your staff breakthrough stubborn problems

Whether you’re looking to migrate your email to the cloud, upgrade or replace aging desktops or servers, or roll out a new version of AutoCAD or Revit, H2 can help. We have the tools and the experience to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our approach can help you achieve better results by consolidating and/or virtualizing your current and future systems.

Most other IT providers take a once-and-done approach to your IT investment and lack the ability to manage your systems and applications over time. We can also help manage your new applications and systems through their entire life-cycle. We proactively manage your systems and applications, ensure that your users are always running up-to-date applications with all of the latest patches and bug fixes applied. We help to ensure that all of our clients are using current versions of their desktop and server operating systems and ensure that those operating systems are up-to-date and fully patched.

Keeping your applications and operating systems current and up-to-date is the first step towards keeping your staff as productive as possible.

Migrate your applications and data in-house or into the cloud
We have extensive experience upgrading applications and operating systems on desktops and servers
Roll out new applications, services, and systems
Save money by consolidating your applications and services onto fewer systems
Reduce your hardware investment through virtualization
An often overlooked aspect, we provide solutions to manage your applications after the initial deployment

Security is a growing area of concern for even the smallest firm. The sheer number and increasing sophistication of security exploits have exploded in recent years. It’s no longer enough to rely on a decent anti-virus client to protect your applications, systems, and data from malicious actors.

H2 can help to secure your applications and systems while allowing your staff to remain as productive as possible. We take a multi-faceted approach to securing your systems based on the recommendations of top security researchers. We deploy security solutions which have a minimal impact on your users to discourage users from trying to disable or bypass these counter-measures and inviting infection. We understand the need to protect your systems without frustrating your users.

Protect your firm against malware and other forms of malicious code
Deliver effective real-time protection against spam and other email-based exploits
Protect your network against common web and internet-based exploits
Secure your accounts and prevent the use of stolen credentials
Single Sign-On
Use the same username and password to sign in to commonly used applications and services
Protect your firm and staff against identity theft

We believe in providing our clients with a comprehensive solution for the backup and recovery of business-critical applications and data. H2 offers file and system backups to protect your business-critical applications and data. We offer file-level backups with optional web-based recovery to allow firms to quickly and easily recover individual files. We also offer system-level backups for the rapid restoration of an entire server. For more advanced needs, we offer off-site backups to our data-center as well as to the cloud.

File & System
Protect your applications and data using our backup services
Back up your data to our off-site data center for additional protection
Protect your mobile workforce against data loss
Recover an entire site with minimal data loss
Backup to the cloud as well as backup solutions for your cloud services
Advanced data recovery solutions to meet any need

We offer solutions to address many of your users’ top concerns, from improved wireless access, remote access, and a more reliable and better-performing internet browsing experience.

We also recognize the importance of having good network infrastructure in place. As more and more applications and services move to the cloud, your internet needs will only grow. We can help provide your firm with a rock-solid internet connection and reduce user complaints.

Deploy and manage your switches, firewalls, and routers
Set up wide area networks or establish VPN connections between offices and clients
Improve your wireless access and end user complaints
Provide your users securely access their applications and data remotely
Deliver solutions to secure your network against intrusion
Reduce the impact of service outages and ensure reliable internet access

H2 offers voice solutions to meet the needs of any sized firm. We can help you transition to a newer voice-over-IP system, or get more mileage out of your existing PBX. We can also help firms decide whether to deploy a new phone system in-house or move to one of the newer cloud-based solutions.

Replace your aging PBX and move to a network-based phone system
Manage your existing PBX system or deploy an in-house VoIP solution
Cloud PBX
Save yourself the hassle of deploying a VoIP system in-house and move directly to the cloud
Access your on-premise or cloud-based VoIP system from your mobile phone
Deliver conferencing solutions to fit any need and budget
Roll out instant messaging solutions as an alternative to voice

The cloud has been a real game changer for many small to mid-sized firms. No longer must smaller firms invest large sums of money in new applications and hardware just to remain competitive with the big firms. Many firms have already discovered that it is more cost-effective to move services such as email into the cloud. Additionally, the cloud provides new avenues and opportunities to deliver applications and services to your employees and to collaborate with clients and other parties.

Migrate your existing applications and data to the cloud
Collaborate more easily with other parties using the cloud
Cloud-based solutions to share files with other parties
Easily share your applications and files between offices
Move infrequently used files to the cloud, or save your backups to the cloud
Completely server-free solutions for smaller firms
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