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We provide an alternative to the one-size-fits-all, “IT in-a-box” tech support company.


We can provide you with on-going, comprehensive CAD/BIM management and support. Our services include initial setups, new release deployments, service packs, content management, troubleshooting, user support, CAD/BIM standards development based on best practices, staff training on Autodesk products, and more.


We deliver our CAD/BIM management and support in one of two ways: a comprehensive IT & CAD/BIM management and support contract, or a standalone CAD/BIM management contract. The services and hours can be customized to respond to your specific and changing needs.

Geometry, Zirkel, Set Square, Triangle


Many small and medium-sized architecture and interior design firms continue to struggle with poor BIM and CAD management and production quality controls. This is often the result of several factors: a lack of in-house expertise, inexperienced staff tasked with managing complex systems, loss of competent full-time staff, challenging schedules, etc. Our integrated IT & CAD/BIM management model is specifically designed to solve these problems by providing long-term, cost-effective, high quality support on par with resources which are historically only available to larger firms.


Architecture and interior design firms frequently rely on IT support firms whose understanding of Autodesk, Adobe and other industry specific applications is limited to basic installation and maintenance. Their generic approach to application and systems management does not adequately address the complex software needs of our industry. The lack of a coherent and long-term strategy to deal with the specific requirements of efficient CAD and BIM management is often concealed in technical jargon and indecipherable reports. This model of delivering IT support assumes clients are too distracted with busy schedules, lack enough technical understanding to know any different, and are generally reluctant to risk the potential disruption and unexpected costs of changing vendors.

We at H2 Consultants are fully aware of your concerns and priorities. Our integrated IT & CAD & BIM support is specifically designed to help you gradually and smoothly achieve greater efficiency while removing many of the obstacles that have been preventing you from moving forward. Our IT and CAD & BIM implementation plans are carefully coordinated internally. By having both the requisite IT and architecture/design expertise under one umbrella, we can calibrate and customize your systems to achieve optimal performance, both now and in the future, while maximizing the return on your investment.


CAD standards and workflow are often a forgotten part of improved profitability in a firm. Most often it can be very difficult to assess or quantify financial losses due to CAD production inefficiencies. Many firms, in our experience, misdiagnose root CAD problems.

We can help you through our extensive experience solving these types of problems by identifying and strategically solving root issues. While it can be difficult to measure the cost/benefit through accounting, improvements in production can lead to faster, better quality production and reduced staff frustration.

Transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit or creating a hybrid production workflow can be challenging. It often requires extensive knowledge of both the CAD and BIM workflows. With our extensive experience moving firms into BIM, we can work with you to get there while avoiding many of the big pitfalls.

Get a systems assessment and let us help you develop an execution plan for success
Improve interface consistency and quality of outcome by our centralized deployment methods
A system is only as optimized as it is maintained. Let us help you improve scalability and consistency
Increase efficiency and quality by developing industry best practice standards
Not all customizations are beneficial. Some can lead to gating. We can help you determine the best strategy
The primary missing link in most firms. We can fill the support, training, and mentoring gap for your staff

BIM, EBIM, VDC, LOD, IPD and many other acronyms that are increasingly part of our design delivery workflow can be confusing, at times even overwhelming. We can help you navigate through client expectations, challenging RFP, project setups and staff training.

When used appropriately, BIM can be a real asset to a firm’s project delivery workflow; however, without careful planning, training, and execution it can also become a real drag on profitability. We can help you with the setup, content generation and training to avoid pitfalls along the way.

Are your systems optimized for BIM workflow? We can help determine best strategy
BIM can be very challenging to deploy and configure. Our protocols establish a uniform install on all stations
A system is only as optimized as it is maintained. Let us help you improve scalability and consistency
Increase efficiency and quality by developing industry best practice standards
Train your staff to work the right way and avoid the pitfalls of the BIM process
The primary missing link in most firms. We can fill the support, training, and mentoring gap for your staff

Our instructor comes with over twenty years of experience working in the fields of architecture and interior design. Our knowledge spans all phases and many project types. We will work with you very closely to evaluate your current staff and develop a training syllabus that is tailored to your firms needs. H2 Consultant’s training philosophy is derived from many years of training architects and interior designers.

Our syllabus is tailored to your staffs’ level of development
The training is focused on your firm’s specific workflow
There is no better way of learning than to try it yourself
Our office is equipped with a training lab or we can train onsite
Full immersion over a long duration is the best way of learning complex concepts
Once the training is complete, further take away exercises imprints the concepts firmly
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