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Our Approach

We provide an alternative to the one-size-fits-all, “IT in-a-box” tech support company.


Understanding workflow through the various day-to-day challenges facing staff leads to optimized systems


Differentiating between a symptom and a root problem is a critical part of solving problems systematically


Understanding Scalability, Uniformity, Reliability, and Predictability is key to success


A system is only as good as it is maintained. Diligent monitoring prevents future problems from reaching a critical stage.


IT Ecosystem: Cost-Benefit Dialog
Alternative to ‘IT in-a-Box’ Vendors

Whether you’re a single proprietor or a larger firm struggling with IT disruptions, cost escalation, or insufficient long-term IT or CAD & BIM planning, pinning down the right priorities remains one of the biggest challenges.

H2 Consultants starts by collaborating with the stakeholders through initial and follow up meetings to hear your concerns and various issues being reported by staff. What distinguishes us from other support companies is what comes next- We view these initial meetings as the start of a collaborative, iterative team effort. This gives us a holistic view of the problems to help us drill down to the root causes.

The nature of our personalized approach means that we embrace the firm’s culture, and workflow. Once the systems and approaches are set in place, we carefully examine and monitor the outcomes and re-balance our approach to optimize the results.

Push pins

Once the root problems have been identified, we provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand assessment of your current IT infrastructure as well as a roadmap for meeting your future IT challenges. Through a collaborative holistic approach, we help you understand complex technical concepts and work with you to determine the best solutions.

Our assessment reports factor in the complex ecosystem of all your systems, including your CAD, BIM, spec software, Workflows, staffing, budgeting, current systems, and other factors. We also layer uniformity, standardization, scalability, and future budgetary requirements into our strategies. A major challenge in restructuring IT systems is also dealing with current legacy systems to ensure minimal disruption. We work closely with our clients to ensure minimal disruptions.

Once an IT restructuring plan has been chosen, we begin implementation with the goal of achieving specific milestones within a predetermined list of priorities and timeline. Beyond that, a critical part of our priorities is to proactively manage and monitor your applications and systems, as well as your users’ needs, to ensure that your systems remain robust and reliable. Over time, this systematic approach leads to optimized IT systems, more predictable IT costs, increased productivity, and improved quality control.


IT Systems Engineer

My consulting experience as a system engineer spans thirty plus years. Through the years I’ve worked in many firm sizes and industries, ranging from bio-tech, law firms to design and architecture firms.

Over the past six years I’ve focused on the fields of architecture, design, and engineering, and have seen the role technology can have in enhancing the success of these firms. I have also inherited systems from various break/fix IT support companies and observed the impact misaligned IT, CAD & BIM systems can have on the productivity and general morale of staff in an office.

I’ve leveraged the extensive expertise my partner has in the field, to refine and optimize our IT solutions, to solve the critical path technological issues these firms confront. Our focus is on creating and maintaining IT systems that are performance optimized, reliable, scalable, and uniform.

Without a doubt, the AEC/Design industry’s IT needs are one of the most challenging in both complexity and budgetary constraints. Our unique ability to tap into each other’s highly specialized in-house expertise has enabled our clients to break the vicious cycle of the break-fix, IT in-a-box.



My background as an architect in California and CAD & BIM manager for over eighteen years has given me a broad perspective on the Architectural and Interior Design practice. Over the years, I have experienced the enormous technological changes, ever more complex workflows, and increased client expectations in the profession.

Having worked with various break/fix IT providers in the bay area, I understand the frustrations many small and medium sized architecture and design firms face. Without the considerable resources of larger national firms, it can be very challenging to stay technologically competitive.

With that in mind, my partner and I created our unique company in the bay area to combine our expertise and bridge the gap between IT support and CAD/BIM services. We collaborate on creating all your systems from soup to nuts. Starting with the IT infrastructure through the CAD and Revit templates and production tools.

Since our company is responsible for both the IT and CAD & BIM support, there can be no blame game between the two departments. We collaborate on all solutions and work symbiotically to achieve optimal results for our clients.

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